Monday, November 10, 2014

Missing Writing

I miss writing. I miss writing so much! For some reason, whenever things go wrong, my writing is completely stifled. And things are going wrong right now.

My internship finally turned into a full time job. I was so excited. I was finally in a position where I could get on my feet. Then my boss was fired and they hired someone new. My new boss is terrible. He's an elderly man who I believe to be either racist or sexist. He has three mixed race women under him and the way he talks to us, especially me is incredibly disrespectful. He doesn't know any of the processes and won't take the time to learn them. He is also trying to scapegoat one of my coworkers and me for things that are going wrong, that we have no control over. So now, instead of looking for apartments, I'm scrambling to figure out how to improve my resume and find a new job. I'm back at square one.

More than likely, I'm going to have to tolerate this for awhile because it is going to take me time to find a new job. Plus, I haven't learned nearly as much as I had hoped to by now and I'm worried it's not enough for a new job, so I'm also scrambling to increase my knowledge in a very short time.

My level of frustration is high and finding words these days is very difficult.