Monday, May 24, 2010

Reprogramming Update

I am thoroughly enjoying focusing on acrostic poetry. I find it very challenging. At first I thought it would be a fairly simple way to start my writing reprogramming. Now I'm finding it to be more than that. It is certainly not simple and each poem I write makes me want to write more. It also makes me want to read more and get more involved in other types of art. I can't draw, paint, or sculpt but I would like more of it in my life. I want to meet and learn from artists and writers. I've also developed an interest in photography. I only own a basic digital camera which doesn't give me all the options that I would like but I am working with it. Once I come up with a watermark to label my photos I plan on posting them here.

I'm not sure how to go about doing all this. My normal life doesn't involve my creative side. Which of course is another thing I need to change. I guess I'll just have to do some searching to find some writers meet ups or something like that.

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