Friday, April 15, 2011

I Want To Write

I want to write! Every time I think about what I want to do with my life all I can think of is writing. When I imagine my life and my future it always involves writing. I want to write books, poetry, articles. I dream of traveling and writing a travel blog along the way. However, every time I try to write I get stuck. Either I can come up with nothing, or I start something and can't finish it. So where do I go from here? How can I start a career in writing with nothing to write? I need some serious inspiration.

I'm sure I'll find it. Well not super sure, but pretty sure. Of course, then comes the next dilemma. If I find the inspiration and come up with some great writing, how do I get it published? What magazines would print my articles? Is my poetry good enough to be published? Is what I write really even considered poetry? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. I should probably just focus on finding inspiration and developing my writing.

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