Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trying To Bring Positive Energy Back Into My Life

I'm developing a list of things I think I should be doing to improve my spirit and bring more positive energy into my life.

1. I've already mentioned that I am going to start a creative outlet journal so I'm not so dependent on this blog. I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for but I think it's basically a sketch book. I want it to be a spiral notebook with blank sturdy pages.

2. Journal a lot more. There is nothing more theraputic for me than journalling. It forces me to face things that I might otherwise just put away and avoid. It also allows me to let those things go once they have been dealt with.

3. Start a prayer journal. I had a prayer journal, probably about 5 years ago. I remember how helpful it was. Prayer is a good thing. Developing a relationship with God is a good thing. I believe that bringing God into your life brings peace.

4. Start a gratitiude journal. When things aren't going well for me, I lose sight of all the good things in my life, which makes the situation even worse. Having a reminder of the things I treasure when I'm not capable of seeing them should help me remain in the positive.

5. Start a goals journal. It's one thing to say you want to achieve something. It's another to actually do it. In this journal I will figure out a goal and I will come up with the steps I will use to achieve it.

6. Create positive affirmations. I'm not sure where to start with this one. I'm not sure of what I need to be reminded of everyday or what I need to get myself to believe about myself. Once I figure it out, I think I'm going to post them on my walls or maybe on my computer screen so I make sure to read them everyday.

7. Last but not least, de-clutter and organize. I have more junk than I know what do with. It wasn't always like this. My spirit is much lighter when I am living in a clean and organized space. It has to be decorated though but I'll deal with that part once I get organized.

I'm working on #7 first. I don't think I'll even have the mindset to do the rest until I've simplified my living situation, at least a little bit. Plus I know that I have lots of notebooks around, hidden in all the clutter. If I can find them then I should have more than enough to start all these journals. I think I'll have to buy something for the creative journal but I shouldn't have to buy anything else this way.

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