Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Still Depressed

I think I was wrong. Last time I said I was depressed because I was in need of a boyfriend. I think I was wrong about that. I think I am lonely though. I really would like to find friends who I can really relate to. My friends relate to only parts of me. I'd like a friend that I relate to on multiple levels. I'm not sure I'm going to find that where I live. I've lived here my whole life and somehow I ended up completely different than the other people in this area. I always feel like I come from a different culture.

I do have one friend who I seem to relate to on multiple levels but I can't get her out of the house. So I don't spend much time with her. I've got to put more effort into it and really try to plan things. I'm really not good at that. I've always let other people do the planning and I just go along for the ride. Guess it's time I really start taking charge of every aspect of my life.

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