Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Arc Pink Quilted Organizer

I decided to keep pushing this organizer thing through even though I don't know how to print my pages off. I figure that can be the last piece of the puzzle and I can have all the supplies I need ready for when I do figure it out.

I went to Staples today and bought an Arc notebook, 1 inch discs and the Arc punch. I had only intended on buying the punch but I saw that the notebook that I wanted was limited edition and the store was almost out. I wasn't going to let them run out of what I wanted. So, I bought the pink quilted notebook. I fell in love with the quilted notebooks and originally wanted the black one. I didn't like that it was shiny though so I went with the pink. It's a beautiful soft pink that is feminine and cute but not childish.

It put me over my budget though. I am annoyed by that, but I have to acknowledge that I'm still figuring out this budget thing and investing in myself is worth the money. Next month, I am budgeting for the other supplies I'll need. It probably won't be until April that I get it all finished up, especially if I end up having to go to a professional printer.

I don't have my pages but the notebook came with lined pages that have a place for a title and a date. While I work on this printing issue, I'm going to use what I have to begin pulling all the stuff I have all over the place into one spot. Whenever I need to write something down, I grab the nearest notebook and write in that. Now I have multiple notebooks with all this random information in them. So, I'm going to sort through that information, put what needs kept in my new organizer and toss the rest. Then I can assign those notebooks for specific things instead of catch-alls. I need to train myself to put specific information in specific places.

Forgive the crappy photography but I wanted to show you what I will be working with.
 The flash made it look shinier than it is but I couldn't capture the quilting without the flash.
Here you can kind of see the paper that the notebook came with.

Despite all the problems, I'm really excited to see this finally starting to come together!

Oh, and I think there's some legal thing that says I have to tell you that I am not affiliated with Staples or any of their products and I bought these things with my own money. I think that's all I'm supposed to say.


  1. :) I love your disclosure at end. I think this will work well for you.

    1. Thank you. I sure hope it works. I feel like I need a second brain sometimes,


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