Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Making A Life Organizer... Again!

In a recent post, I talked about my need to create a budgeting system. I've come up with something that I will be testing out for the next few months. But in my desire to maintain my finances, I found my desire to maintain other areas of my life rekindled. I want to create a life organizer. Not only would I be able to keep my budgeting system with me, but also all the other things I'm always trying to keep track of. If you read this blog, you might remember that well over a year ago, I created a planner template. You can read about it herehere, and here. I was never able to finish it because I couldn't afford it. I still love the Arc system at Staples but while I do think it will eventually pay for itself, it gets expensive really quick. Now, I can put it in my budget.

I feel the need to turn this planner into a life organizer because I feel like so many of the pieces of me are floating around and I'm constantly trying to catch them. I see a life organizer as a way to pull those pieces into one place. That's my hope anyways.

I modified my original template a bit and added the part of my budgeting system that I want to carry with me.

I've been working on developing morning and nighttime rituals. I've been reading about how creative people need times of the day where they are operating on auto-pilot. It supposedly frees the mind for creativity. The concept makes sense to me so I've been trying to turn these rituals into habits. Then I came across The Flylady and her control journal. She suggests putting your routines into your control journal. I thought it was an interesting idea  so I am putting them in towards the front of my organizer.

I'm also working on creating a gratitude section. I have such a negative attitude and I'm tired of it. I want to change that. I saw this incredible gratitude mandala here and I want to make my own on a regular basis. I had already put a Blessings line on the daily pages so I could write down something good about each day. At the end of each month I plan to list the blessings that I wrote each day and then make my own gratitude mandala. The goal is to remind myself of all the beauty and simple pleasures in this world and hopefully change my attitude.

I need to put an ideas section in it as well. I should be able to buy already made sheets for that. However, I will probably get annoyed by the last of uniformity and decide that I need to make my own to match the rest of my organizer.

I can't figure out how to print out the pages though. I want to do half size pages so that my organizer will fit in my purse. So, I either need to be able print 2-sided pages on landscape but neither of the printers here will do that, or I need to find precut half size sheets and print on those. I don't want to cut them myself because that always seems to turn out wrong somehow. So, at the moment, even when I finish creating the pages I still won't be able to do anything with them. There's always something in the way.

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