Saturday, October 29, 2016

New Chapter

It's been a long time since I've been able to write. The past year and a half have been crazy. I was laid off from my job last year and after a year of looking, I was still unemployed. Apparently I was over qualified for some jobs and under qualified for the rest. Then my living situation crumbled.  Since I had been unemployed for so long, I seriously doubted that it was going to change soon. So, I packed up and moved back to Washington. It was either that or try to work at a strip club. Washington didn't work out so well for me before and this meant that I was losing everything I had been trying to build, so I wasn't really happy about this. But Georgia was a disaster so a change was absolutely necessary.

Things have been slow going but promising since moving back. In Georgia, I had signed on with two accounting job placement companies, two regular job placement companies, and applied to over one hundred jobs with absolutely no results. Here, the job placement company I signed up with actually worked with me and I've had temp jobs ever since. Nothing is permanent but I'm doing better here than I ever did in Georgia. I've even made a friend. I was not even close to that in Georgia. I'm cautious about getting too optimistic but I'm doing well at the moment and trying to focus on that.

I also find myself open to dating for the first time in years. I don't want to generalize but the men in Georgia seem to be seriously lacking. Aesthetically pleasing and that was about it. Deep, connected, committed relationships were not something they were interested in. Not with me anyway. I don't know if I've changed or if it's the change of environment or both, but I am more open and attracting a higher quality of men.

I haven't been able to catch a break for a very long time so I can't hep but to be cautious with my optimism. I've had it dashed so many times. But still, I am optimistic for the first time in almost a decade.

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