Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting Reaquainted

I decided to start this blog as an outlet. When I was young I really enjoyed writing. I wrote poems and short stories. Then I got into high school where writing became homework. Essays, essays, essays. I was told that when writing essays we were expected to restate the facts and not put ourselves into the essays. Who were we? No one cares about what we think. Whenever I did put myself into an essay my grade was marked down and was told to restate the facts. It didn't take long before I dreaded all forms of writing. This in combination with some other occurrences in my life changed me and my creativity was kind of stripped from me. Now years later, I am rediscovering my love for writing. However, I am completely insecure about it. I feel like someone who betrayed me a long time ago is back in my life and I don't know whether I can trust them or not. So I started this blog so that I can post my writing and maybe develop some confidence in it again.

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