Friday, March 5, 2010

Breathing completely eludes me
No air yet my lungs feel like they will explode
My heart is beating uncontrollably
It’s thundering in my head
My vision is getting blurry
Tears are pouring down my face
I can’t choke back the sobs anymore
They finally escape my lips
And I fall to my knees
There wasn’t any warning
Our relationship was good
What about all the things you told me?
Was it all a lie?
You told me that you loved me
That you were mine to keep
We were planning for the future
How can you leave me now?
The tears they are subsiding
As I begin to shake
My nails grip the carpet
Anger is seeping in
Slowly I start to realize
To you this was a game
You were playing with my heart
I guess you won this game
You got what you wanted
I really fell for you
When will I stop this?
Stop picking the wrong guys
Why can’t I find a good one?
How many times must my heart break?
What if I can no longer repair it?

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