Monday, January 24, 2011

Morning Pages First Impression

Today was the third day of my Morning Pages experiment. So far, I hate it. It feels like a huge hassel and a bit ridiculous. I don't like useless writing. I never really understood the concept of free writing. They teach you to think before you speak so why would you not think before you write. I'm going to keep at it though. I feel like journalling is incredibly helpful for me and this seems like the next step beyond journalling. You know, journalling is contemplating the days events and working out problems from that. Morning Pages is something different. I'm not sure what yet. The first day, I found myself looking into an issue in my life that has been going on for awhile. The last two days though have been mindless chatter. I don't like mindless chatter. I'm the type of person who only speaks when I have something important to say. Maybe not important but something that has some thought behind it. I feel the same about writing. So just writing whatever flows through my mind is weird to me and seems pointless.

I'll keep at it though. I've read lots of reviews and testimonials and they were all good. Plus, the basic concept and the idea behind it make so much sense to me. I'm still a bit skeptical but I'm patient. I'm sure I'll get used to writing like that and it won't feel like such a hassel. Once I can view the process differently, I bet that's when the benefits really start to show. Hopefully.

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