Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Since I decided to delete all my "Pics I'm Inspired By" and "Writings I Like" posts because of the whole copyright thing, I've been trying to figure out good alternatives so I can continue to share what inspires me. That's an important part of anyone's life. So I guess my best option is to just share links to other writings and photos. Sharing a link isn't illegal. I will just have to hope that I don't support and direct attention to any money grubbing "artists". Plus, this way I can also explain why I feel for each piece without feeling like I'm distracting from the piece itself. That is, if I have the words. So, without further ado. Here's a link to a poem.

Aware by Denise Levertov

This poem makes me think of walking into a secret garden or that moment when you are hiking or walking through a park and you come across an area that is off the path such as a hidden pond. When you step into this place, it feels like everything stopped because of your presence and you wish you could see it the way it is when you aren't disturbing it.

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