Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Sunday Whirl- Wordle 70

He's turned out to be an insidious man
I can feel his cunning all through my limbs
Coursing through my veins in waves of chills
His words in my ear sound tinny and cold
As if spoken by a man with no soul
And yet I found myself confused and split
He used to be so sweet and gentle
Those cherished memories flow so vivid through my thoughts
When he's near my mind drifts between the past and present
Thinking about all that preluded where we are now
Why couldn't I see his plan and how did I miss his darkness?
I suppose my eyes were tinted with that lovely rosy shade
Hopefully I awoke at the nick of time
Perhaps there is time to fix all the damage done

I'm not exactly sure where this came from or who its about but it was inspired by The Sunday Whirl- Wordle 70. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to use the word tip.

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  1. Did you marry my ex-husband, too? LOL This is a dark piece, but so reminiscent of my experience with "The Wasband." Life got better for me. We divorced 11 years ago. I met and married Len 8 years ago.

    I'm glad you found us at The Whirl. I think you'll enjoy writing with us. If you like The Whirl on facebook, you'll have access to early words on Friday nights for Sundays' wordles.

  2. @brenda w- Lol Thanks for stopping by and for the info. I'll have to check you out on facebook.

    I'm glad things got better for you!:)

  3. Dear Porcelain Lotus - it matters not where the wordle takes us but that our muses are amused enough to let us use the list in fantastical ways.

    I'm trying to read just a few more Wordles before looking at and being consumed by the new weeks list...

    My offering for the last wordle - this list is here:


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