Monday, November 5, 2012

Need Organizing Tips

I've been working on purging and getting my life together because I realize that I will never move forward until I fix what's going on now. You can't just gloss or skip over things. You have to address the issues in your life. One of my issues is a complete lack of organization.

So in an attempt to fix that situation I've been looking online for organizing tips. The problem is I can only find tips from and for mothers. Where are the tips for poor people who live in studio apartments like me? I feel like I'm way past the age where I should've at least started learning to manage and organize my life. Someday I might be a housewife with 5 kids. Doubtful but possible. I don't want to find myself in a situation where I don't have the tools to handle whatever positions I end up in. Everyone my age should develop life management skills. So how come with all the millions of bloggers out there, I can't find a blog with tips for people in the same stage of life as me?

I guess I'm on my own with figuring this out. I feel like I have the maturity and life skills of a teenager and I'm tired of it. If no one will help me, not even a blog, then somehow I have to figure it out on my own. It kind of annoys me though. I wish I had some support.

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