Monday, February 18, 2013

Companies I'd Like To Support

One of my dreams is to travel to other countries and help exploited women become financially independent. Since accomplishing this dream is not in my near future, I thought I could bring some attention to people who are doing this. Here are some sites you should check out.

fashionABLE - Fashionable provides sustainable employment for Ethiopian women who have been exploited due to poverty.

Better Life Bags - Better Life Bags hires first generation immigrant women who have no other job opportunities. They rent a sewing machine and learn a skill that allows these women to provide for their families.

Open Arms - Open Arms employs former refugees living in the US paying them a proper living wage which is usually $3-$7 over minimum wage. They make scarves and skirts out of recycled t-shirts.

Noonday Collection - Noonday Collection sells jewelry and accessories created by artisans from multiple countries who receive a living wage for their work. They also allow consumers to showcase the products through trunk shows.

As I learn about more organizations such as these, I will continue adding them to this post.

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