Friday, April 10, 2015

Facebook and Instagram Profiles

I finally started a Facebook profile for my blog. I wanted to stay anonymous but still open up another avenue to connect with people. It will also allow me to join groups and express things without dealing with the disapproval of certain family members. I'll save that for when I'm more connected with myself and stronger in who I am.

I also started an Instagram profile a while ago. I'm not very active on it. I mostly just follow other people to get inspiration but I'd be happy to connect with people there as well.

You can find the badges in the right column, down where my other links are.

**Update** Facebook blocked me from my account saying that it was fake. That seems to mean I didn't put enough personal information on my profile. They put me through some crazy test where they showed me three random photos from my friends profiles and I had to correctly name them. Of course, there is no guarantee that the random photos are actually of the person. One they showed me was all memes and another was all pictures of their extended family. I don't know about you, but I don't know the extended families of everyone I know. But that's the point. After I went through their test they told me that the only way I could regain access to my profile was to send in my driver's license, social security card, or a copy of one of my utility bills. None of these things do they have any business asking for. It's all about getting personal information. I know someone else who had a profile for 10 years and went through the same thing. It's not a coincidence that it happened shortly after she refused to download their messenger which would have given them direct access to her phone and all of her contacts. Watch yourselves and be very careful what information you give them.

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