Monday, January 13, 2014

And I'm Back To Being Frustrated

I've hit a moment of frustration. I just started a new job. Finally! It took 4 months to find this job and then I waited around for another month until it finally started. It's only part-time and I could really use a second job but I'm happy to finally be working again.

However, I hadn't even been working for week when my aunt and uncle decided that they wanted half my paycheck to cover room, board, and use of their car. Typically, that would not be unreasonable. I'm frustrated in this case because they told me that when I moved here, they would take complete responsibility for me, cover all my costs, and let me borrow their car until I get back on my feet. This job is a part-time job and in no way indicates that I am back on my feet. I'm still in the hole and they know this. So, by expecting payment now, they are going back on the commitment that they made to me. I'm further frustrated by the fact that I am in no position to argue. They could kick me out at any time regardless of what commitments were made. Obviously commitments aren't that important and can be changed at any time. There is something about my family. They make big commitments to you but you can never be sure if they will follow through. Next time, I'm getting it in writing.

Don't think that I planned to mooch off of them or that I'm not grateful for what they have been doing for me. I planned to slowly start covering my costs while I paid off past debt. Once the debt was paid off then I would have worked with them to cover all my costs, start paying them back and move out when money permitted. I just don't like how all of this went down.

I'm also extremely frustrated by my lack of a personal life. The only people I've met are people from church, people online, and people from work. So far, I haven't related to any of them. I thought that I had made a friend for a little while but he decided that he wasn't interested in having me in his life if I wasn't dating him. Friendships are such valuable relationships and I will never understand why guys are so willing to throw them away if the friendship is with a woman. So, I'm back to being friendless and having no idea where to meet people. I've always made friends at church, work, or school. Now that I don't have those as options, I'm at a loss. I thought about joining a class but now it looks like money won't permit that. How do people make friends when they have no money to do anything and the places that they can go, don't have anyone who is friend-material?

Ok, I'm sure you all are tired of me venting, plus this isn't making me feel any better, so that's enough for now.

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