Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Moving Towards Learning

I'm in a time in my life where I have the possibility of massive learning available to me. Everything I do can be a learning experience. So, I've decided to really focus on learning the things I've been eager to learn for quite some time.

First off, I bought two books regarding journal/biblio/poetry therapy. I never did receive responses to the emails I sent to the certification programs asking for advice. I can't even get on one of the websites lately. That freaks me out because it makes me think that something happened to the organization and I might not have the chance to get the certification I want from them. Of course, there are plenty of other possible reasons that their website is down but I always seem to go for the worst one. Ignoring my worries, I decided to just keep moving. I have a whole list of books saved on an Amazon wish list so I went through and picked the two that I thought would be the most educational for the beginning of my journey. I intend to study them like I would if I was in school and get as much out of them as I possibly can.

I also want to study the people who inspire me. I got this idea from Shameless Maya. She talks about it in this video, How to be Great! and this blog post, Study the Greats. I started thinking about how little I know about the people whose work has inspired me. That is unacceptable. You can't really know the work without knowing the person who created it. A while back I wrote about how encountering the work of Frida Kahlo and learning her life story completely changed my life. You can read that post here. Really, coming across her work and life story was the beginning of so much of what my life goals are now. But she isn't the only person who I have been inspired by in one way or another. I want to know as much about them as I know about Frida. To start off with I will be studying Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare, and Anias Nin. Besides just knowing more about the people who have inspired, I can't help but think that seeing how any hardships they faced were turned into something beautiful, will help me focus on turning my own hardships into something beautiful.

And finally, I am trying to learn as much as I can at my new job. I landed an internship in the accounting department of a local business. I think that this is an incredible opportunity to learn the behind the scenes of a business. I am pretty sure that I will end up being self-employed and I need to learn anything I can about business before that happens. Obviously, self-employment is different than a growing corporation but there are certainly parallels. So, I want to learn everything I can.

Ok, that was longer than I intended so I will stop now. Besides, my mind needs to go back to absorbing as much as it can handle.

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