Sunday, March 2, 2014

52 Lists Project

Last year I did the March 2013 NaBloPoMo challenge. It led to some revelations about myself and what direction my life should be going and was the beginning of some major changes in my life. The theme had been "Risk". Since my word of the year last year had been action, it seemed like a great way to access what actions I should take and how much I was willing to risk. It worked big time! This year I wanted to do another challenge that might help me with my word of the year which is growth. I found the 52 Lists Project and thought it would be great to try. If nothing else, I will learn more about myself and, if I download each list sheet, end up with a lovely momento of this time in my life.


  1. What an awesome idea! I may try that. How are things with you? I have a lot to catch up on.

    1. Things are good. I hope that things are good for you too.


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