Monday, May 13, 2013

Find Your Own Fulfillment

"What is it we are questing for? It is the fulfillment of that which is potential in each of us. Questing for it is not an ego trip; it is an adventure to bring into fulfillment your gift to the world, which is yourself. There’s nothing you can do that’s more important than being fulfilled. You become a sign, you become a signal, transparent to transcendence; in this way, you will find, live, and become a realization of your own personal myth." 

-Joseph Campbell, Pathways to Bliss

Everyone should remember this and be encouraged to strive for their best self. Everyone should look for fulfillment regardless of what everyone else thinks. Very few people in your life will understand what you need to complete your life and many people feel like if they can't understand it then they can dismiss it and will try and convince you that you should to. They are wrong. Don't ever dismiss your heart and what you need to fill it just because others don't understand.

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