Saturday, March 9, 2013

Six Word Saturday

in need of a new project

I function best and am most happy when I am working on a project that I think will improve my life or someone else's. I don't have one that I can afford in mind right now.


  1. We need our kitchen painted....

  2. Best of luck coming up with a project you'd love to do. :)

  3. @Ron.- Haha but I don't have any experience painting. You'd probably end up wishing you'd done it yourself.

    @Dana- Thank you very much!

  4. Well, with the current theme on some of the blogs, how about flower arranging? Though I know that can be expensive.
    I'm sure something will turn up. I loose my life in my travel blog.

  5. @restlessjo- Interesting idea. I wouldn't mind having fresh flowers around.


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