Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Sunday Whirl- Wordle 98

My life seems to be many shades of blue
Melancholy, listlessness, the occasional clear day
With all the fluidity of stagnant water
Completely unbalanced, lacking passion
As I watch parts of my spirit gather dust
It hits me like a slap in the face
I've been snared, in an endless cycle
An endless cycle of depression and detachment
Trapped in solitary confinement
In a prison of my own making
In a soul sucking void that has me gasping for air
With that realization I feel an instant shift
Suddenly feelings of desire overwhelm me
Desire to escape, desire for passion, desire for focus
Desire to go after the beautiful life I deserve
It's time to throw caution to the wind
Time to take the risks I've been so afraid of
Slowly the wings of my soul are unfurling
Almost ready to take their first flight
And find the blessed life that I long for
And maybe someone who will come along for the ride

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl- Wordle 98 and NaBloPoMo March 2013's theme of risk or rather what happens when you don't take risks.

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  1. It's never about where you were... more about who you were there with...

  2. Your piece is wonderful! I hope you continue to go after "your beautiful life" as you are right, you deserve it. I enjoyed reading your dreams on your sidebar. A list is a great way to get them to come true!

  3. @Stan Ski- This is so true.

    @Winnie- Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Hi, you are really talented. Good luck with your risk taking and poetic blogs this month. I will follow you. Please follow me too. I have blogs at ; ;


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